Family house for sale in Pineda de Mar

A house with character for a superb quality of life

Ready to move into immediately.
Prestigious, very comfortable to live in and in the very center of town.
A fully renovated house with all the charm and without the nuisances of an old building.
With a number of pieces of original furniture and very well equipped, it includes many antique artistic elements.
This detached house was built from 1930 to 1944. During the years 2006 to 2008 the house went through very careful and intensive works aimed to its renovation, enlargement and redesign, preserving and restoring the antique elements that confer it its character, the result being a house having the confort expected today with the charm of an ancient construction. The building is included in the Town's Heritage.


* Possible emergency bedrooms
Main equipment and fixtures
Remark: there is a plentiful stock of remaining tiles of all kinds used in the house.


Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Built and useful surfaces (m2)
Basem. 63,8047,75-
Plot surface (Catastro): 366 m2

Plans (PDF)

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House in the commercial town center of Pineda de Mar, a city with a population of around 25,000. It is about 250 m (less than 1/4 mile) from the beach, 200 m from the railway station, 20 km from two golf courses and 52 km (31 miles) from Barcelona.


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Interiors - Ground floor
Hall. - 4.5 m x 4.6 m and 4.5 m high. After the entrance we find this great hall leading to the remains of the ground floor. There are three glazed doors with artistic acid-engraved glasses.

Hall ceiling with a leaded stained glass rose at 4.5 m heigth.

Summer and Spring flank the entrance to the dining room which is fitted with its original furniture.

Dining room for 10-12 persons, expandable by fully opening the glazed doors at both sides.

Kitchen, fully equipped. The sash window and its security blind are motorized. If required this window can be used as a hatch serving the dining table in the terrace.

Bright gallery in the South frontage. An extraordinary place for staying during the day. It connects with the terrace at the same floor level.

Night view of the gallery from the terrace.

Terrace. During the warm months it is a privilege to dine here. The kitchen window can be used as a hatch serving the large dining table while the small cafe table is in front of the exit door.

Comfortable lounge, conceived for the evenings. With a 40" TV, Satellite, audio and DVD. The precise adjustment to 22 ºC of the underfloor heating turns this room into the most comfortable place in winter while the forced aire ventillation avoids the stifling heat in summer.

Bedroom 1 - 180 x 200 bed. This bedroom is particularly quiet.

Bedroom 1 is fitted with antique furniture; there is a walk-in wardrobe, a chest of drawers with an upper wardrobe and its bathroom has vintage design elements.

Bedroom 2 - 180 x 200 bed. Not in the photo: a wardrobe.

Bedroom 3 - Four 80x185 bunk beds, a wardrobe and a desk. This room is presently used by the family's grandchildren.

Bedroom 4 - 140 x 185 bed. A wardrobe in the left. The Gradhermetic Alunova motorized blinds allow more light and air through than any other conventional blind while preserving a maximum level of privacy.

Second bathroom in the ground floor.

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Interiors - Upper floors
Bedroom 5. With a huge 200x200 bed, a built in wardrobe and a bathroom. Independent and quiet.

Working corner in the studio. The floor is very well soundproofed to avoid nuisances caused by loud music..

A studio for working, reading, listening to music, watching TV, or just shutting the eyes.

The cabin of this new elevator is suitable for a wheel-chair. It lands in front of the studio door. This landing also leads directly to the rooftop or to the bedroom 5 by descending 10 steps. The outer staircase lands in front of a security door, next to said bedroom 5.

The inner staircase seen from the landing of the outer staircase. The door is a security type. Bedroom 5 is in the right and the junkroom is in the left. By ascending 10 steps we find another landing connecting with the elevator, the studio and the rooftop.

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Exteriors - Ground floor
North frontage - Carrer Barcelona. The aluminium and double-glass windows mimic the old wooden ones. All the blinds are motorized. The two lanterns were originally gaslamps (XIX Century).

Main entrance. The ground floor is lifted about 90 cm in order to avoid rising damp. The wrought-iron fence and gate were made to order by Talleres Rull at the beginning of the XX Century.





 Left side
(Paralell to Carrer Biblioteca)
 Right side
Staircase to first floor and rooftop

Cupboards for gardening products and tools. Bicycles are kept under the staircase.

South frontage. The gallery connects with the 38 m2 terrace, this having a double protection against the sun and its glare with an Aluminet 50% shading net together with a motorized canvas canopy.

Terrace. During the warm months it is a privilege to have lunch or dinner here. The kitchen window can be used as a hatch serving the large dining table while the small cafe table is in front of the exit door.

Trees: Largerstroemia and white Nerium in a cool and peaceful spot in summer.

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Exteriors - Rooftop
Projection of the rooftop, facing Carrer Barcelona.

One of the windows of the studio, with steel blinds.

Half balusters integrated in a wall behind which are bedroom 5 and its bathroom. Three rectangular windows for the mentioned bedroom and bathroom..

Watchtower (the banister not yet installed when the photo was taken).

Solarium (in a day without sun). Matt glasses were installed to improve privacy of the solarium.

The house has a large rooftop. The old chimney was adapted to the exhausts of two boilers, one combining heating and hot water and the other one only hot water. The watchtower hints at the left.

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Basement with washing and drying machines, space for ironing, cleaning products, several cupboards for pantry, a complementary fridge with deep freezer, a wine keeper and space for different household objects.

Second basement with a large and well equipped DIY workshop and with a water processing system including reservoir tanks. Water coming from the own well is processed and used in the house and in the garden. One of the processes consists of a high capacity reverse osmosis. Water from public supply may also be used, if required.

Auxiliary entrance
Service entrance by Carrer Biblioteca.

Virgen de la Estrella de Triana. Antique artistic ceramic in the service entrance by Carrer Biblioteca.


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